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Around 2010, Syd began working at a food truck at Black Raven Brewery, where his friend Gavin was working. One day, Gavin came to Syd and asked if he liked hot sauces. Syd was all for hot sauces and gave a taste of a sample Gavin had brought him. Syd fell in love with the sample and said, “we should bottle this someday.” Soon after, the sample became what is today's Habanero Citrus.

Fast forward to 2016: backstage at a “Run the Jewels” show, Gavin and Syd made it official, and decided to launch Ballyhoo Hot Sauce Co. After months of recipe testing, they launched with the original 4 sauces in 2017. Syd and Gavin are currently working on some collaborations as well as some new sauces—check back for new and tasty inventions!


“I looove the snake charmer jalapeño tomatillo hot sauce. It has just
​ the right amount of heat with a good ​tang. I eat it on my breakfast
​ eggs and have given it to people for presents.”

"snake charmer hot sauce: the heat is pretty gentle, and the
​tomatillo flavor is complimented nicely by the light sweetness of the citrus."

"the  sauces are well balanced and versatile, i use them both as a condiment
​and as an ingredient in my cooking."

“absolutely love the heat merchant. It goes with
​everything. Flavorful with enough heat to make it interesting."

"ballyhoo’s “al a ga zam” hot sauce: combination
Of spicy, tangy, and savory flavors was so delicious on my carnitas eggs benedict."

“i really enjoy the snake charmer hot sauce! It’s a
​very versatile sauce that i use on ​anything from breakfast food to mac and cheese and tacos.”
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